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What is Referral Reactor?

Referral Reactor is the best app to receive, track, reward, and communicate with people sending your company referrals!


Give your referrers an easy-to-use app where they will love being able to send pictures and notes instantly with their referrals. It's no wonder why companies are reporting record referrals with Referral Reactor!


Always know exactly what happened to every referral your business receives so you stop losing track of good referrals.


Communicate with your referrers instantly by sending messages back and forth through the app and automatically notifying them of updates to their referrals.


Send a thank-you bonus for great referrals using


instantly through the app!

Why Referral Reactor?

Referral Reactor is a tool to help your businesses run a highly successful referral program. All businesses know the value of a high quality referral. Someone who already needs your product and has been referred by someone they already trust is always an easy sale.

A growth engine for your business

Referral Reactor helps you build a team of referrers, all sending you referrals whenever they run into potential customers. With Referral Reactor, sending you a referral will be easier than ever. More importantly, it will help you earn the trust of anyone who uses the app. Because they can check on the status of the referral at any time they will be assured that you did not forget about their referral. You will also be able to say thank you by giving the referrer a bonus payment right through the app! Those bonus payments and the ease and transparency of using an app will encourage those people to send you more and more referrals!

Much Cheaper than Traditional Advertising

Traditional advertising dollars are extremely inefficient. You end up spending lots of money advertising to people who don't really need or want what your business provides. But giving someone a bonus payment through Referral Reactor is highly efficient. You are paying the exact person who recommended you, building loyalty in a win-win situation.

Why is Referral Reactor so Great?

Referral Reactor Helps you do the SIX things that are essential to building a successful referral program:



  • React

  • Communicate

  • Reward

  • Track


For people to be able to send you a referral through the app, simply give them an invitation code. This is a unique code that you create. Once they join with this invitation code, you are able to receive referrals, track the outcome of the referral, and send referral bonuses all through Referral Reactor. This invitation only system makes using Referral Reactor feel special and exclusive.

Find Referrers

The first step is finding people who regularly interact with people who need your good or service. Like a real estate agent who works every day with with people who need home inspections, you need to find people in another industry who regularly interact with your target market. Once you find these people, you need to convince them to send those customers over to you by thanking them with a reward.

Have them Download the Referral Reactor app

Once they agree to send you referrals, just have them Download the Referral Reactor app on their phone and put in an Invitation Code. This lets them into your Referral Reactor and allows them to send referrals directly to you. The app is available for both iOS and Android. Once Referral Reactor is on their phone that icon will be a constant reminder to send you referrals!

Give them an Invitation Code

After downloading the app, they just need to create an account and enter the invitation code that you give them. Once they do this they will be added to your Referral Reactor and can start sending you referrals! You can create these invitation codes for people anytime in the admin section of the app.


Once you start inviting people to send you Referrals through the Referral Reactor app, sending you a referral will be easier than ever! Before you know it the referrals are going to start rolling in!

Sending a Referral is Easy!

To send you a new referral, you just click on the Send a Referral button.

Add a few details

Just type in the name, phone number, and address if applicable.

Attach Notes and Photos

If it will help, they can add notes or photos to the referral.

and Submit!

When they are done they just hit the Submit Referral button and it is sent directly to you.


It is important to follow up on a new referral quickly. This shows that you are serious to the new customer, especially if you are meeting an immediate need of that customer. It also builds value in the relationship with your referrer who can feel confident referring you because they know you take referrals seriously.

Get a Notification

Referral Reactor sends a notification directly to your phone to immediately alert you of a new referral.

See it appear on the Dashboard

If you have the app open, it will also immediately appear at the top of your Action Needed referral list. New Referrals are highlighted yellow so you can recognize them quickly.

Acknowledge the Referral

Once you have looked over the new referral, the first step is to acknowledge the new referral. Once you do this, the referrer will be able to see that you are already working on the referral.


When people send you a referral, they are always curious what the outcome will be. With Referral Reactor they won't need to call or text you to find out what is going on, they can just check the app and see the current status of their referrral.

Update the Status

As you work the referral, you can click the Update Status button to open a modal and change the status of the referral.

Reflect the Entire Lifecycle

There is a status for the entire lifecycle of the referral allowing you to easily communicate what is happening with that referral.

  • Pending
  • Pending Assessment
  • Pending Homeowner
  • Pending Insurance
  • Didn't get the job
  • Got the Job!
  • Cancelled

Keep Everyone Updated

The updated status is immediately updated so now the referrer or anyone else in your office can always know the status of referrals. The app also keeps an activity log, keeping a history of any changes to that referral.


When you receive a referral that turns into business it is only natural to thank the person who gave you that referral. This builds a lot of loyalty and makes them want to give you referrals in the future. With Referral Reactor you can reward people for their great referrals right through the app!

Pick an Amount

The amount of the referral is up to you every time. If you want to give someone a bonus for just sending a job, regarless of the outcome, you can! If you want to give an extra large bonus for an exceptionaly good referral, you can do that too.

Choose a payment method

You can send payments immediately with Paypal. Or you can send payments manually with a check and just record it in the app.

And Send!

The person you send a bonus to will get an immediate notification of the bonus payment and will be able to see all of the bonus payments they have received right in the app.


As you continue to receive and respond to referrals with Referral Reactor you will build up a rich history of referrals. You can use this information for a variety of things like rewarding your top referrers, or find people who haven't sent you a referral in a while.

Utilize the Referral Reactor Web App

While the mobile app is handy, when you are at a desktop comptuter the Referral Reactor web app can help you organize and track your referrals.

Keep track of ALL of your Referrals

It is a good idea to put all referrals that you receive in Referral Reactor. If they come in from someone who is not using the app yet, you can just create the referral for them and put it under their name. Then when they do log into Referral Reactor, you can merge in that history. They will be amazed that all of the referrals that they have been giving you are already in the app!

Always keep an eye on bonus payments

There is even a dedicated list of bonus payments so you can always keep an eye on who you are sending bonus payments to.

Instantly Communicate through the App

Through Referral Reactor, you can instantly communicate with anyone connected to the app! If you have questions about a referral that was sent, send a message! The other party will receive a push notification.


Request a Demo

We will give you a free demonstration on how you can set up and use Referral Reactor.

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