Manage Cleaning & Restoration Referrals with Ease

Leave the days of managing your referrals on a notepad or spreadsheet in the past. Referral Reactor empowers restoration and cleaning businesses to take their referral program to the next level. With our easy-to-use app, you can send, receive, track, and reward referrals, all at your fingertips. Explore our plans and sign up today.

Word of Mouth is the Way of Life

Organized Referrals

The Referral Reactor app automatically organizes all your referrals in one place so that keeping track of referrals is simple.

Build Relationships

Referral Reactor makes building relationships with your referrers easy. You can communicate with referrers in-app and track referral statuses.

On-the-Go Referral Management

You don't have to wait to be near a computer to access your referrals. With our app, you can manage them on-site at jobs.


Instead of trapping you in a contract, we leave the control in your hands. Our users pay for Referral Reactor one month at a time.

Why Referral Reactor?

Learn how our tracking software transforms your restoration & cleaning business’s referral management.


Send invitation codes to your referral network so they can send you referrals for cleaning and restoration work.


Receive job referrals from your network and easily send bonus payments.


Communicate with referrers and keep them updated on cleaning and restoration job progress.


Instantly let referrers know you received their restoration and cleaning referral.


Instantly send referral thank you payments to contractors, property owners, and your other referral partners.


Easily organize and track all of your referrals and their progress.

Receive Referrals From:

Streamline Restoration & Cleaning Referral Management

Most restoration and cleaning companies get referrals from a variety of sources. It can be tricky to keep track of all of your referrals. Referral Reactor streamlines referral network management by allowing you to track referrals at every phrase, all in one place. Organized referral marketing makes you better equipped to respond to referrals and build relationships with industry partners.

Find the right Referral Reactor plan for your restoration or cleaning business and sign up now.

Get Started with Referral Reactor


Sign up for the Referral Reactor app.


Select the plan that fits your business’s needs.


Receive referrals and track their progress.

Invite Your Referral Network to Join for Free

Once your business is set up in Referral Reactor, you can invite referrers to join for free and send you referrals. After they sign up, they can easily send you new referrals and receive thank-you payments while on the go. Then you can receive referrals from plumbers, electricians, property managers, business owners, and any other referral source all in one place.