Simplify Managing Your Consumer Repair Company’s Referral Network

Managing referrals doesn’t have to feel overwhelming. Referral Reactor makes sending, receiving, and tracking referrals easy for consumer repair companies all over the country. Our user-friendly app allows you to build strong relationships with your referral network and reward referrers instantly. Sign up today.

Word of Mouth is the Way of Life

Organized Referrals

With all your referrals in the same place, organized by status, tracking your business’s referrals is easy.

Build Relationships

Building relationships with your referrers is easier than ever with our in-app communication features and reward payment tracking.

On-the-Go Referral Management

Thanks to the Referral Reactor app, you’re not tied to a computer. You can manage your referrals on the go.


We have contracts that renew one month at a time so you can test Referral Reactor out before committing.


We provide state-of-the-art network tracking software for consumer repair companies


Send custom invite codes to your referral partners so they can sign up and send you repair work referrals for free.


Receive and accept referrals from your referral partners.


Communicate in-app with referrers to share job details and progress updates on repair jobs.


Let your referrers know you got their consumer repair referral right away by reacting.


Send thank you payments to referrers instantly.


Keep track of all your referrals and update their status, all in one place.

Receive Referrals From:

Easier Consumer Repair Referral Management

Keeping tabs on referrals from different places can be challenging for consumer repair companies. Referral Reactor simplifies referral management by enabling you to monitor referrals from start to finish in our app. Having a well-organized referral marketing program makes it easier to address referrals promptly and foster relationships with your peers. Sign up for Referral Reactor today.

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Sign up for Referral Reactor to get started.


Pick the plan that works best for your business.


Track & receive referrals from your network.

Your Referrers Join for Free

Referral Reactor doesn’t just make receiving referrals easy for consumer repair companies. It also makes it easy for manufacturers, property owners, realtors, and all your other referral partners to send you referrals. All you have to do is send them an invite code, and your referrers can join and send you a referral for free.