The referral Marketing Platform that will transform your business

Referral Reactor is an easy-to-use, intutitive platform that enables companies to build, manage and grow referral programs to grow their business.

Grow Your Referral Network

Get More Leads from Referrals

Build better relationships with referral sources and create a steady lead flow when you regularly reward your referrers.

Easily Invite New Referral Sources

Referrers sign up for free and can send you new referrals, track the status of their referrals, and receive thank-you payments instantly - all in one place.

Easy to Use, Intuitive Referral Platform

Manage Referrals On-The-Go

Referral Reactor has both a mobile app and a desktop app so you can access your referrals anywhere with an internet connection. In the field or in the office, contact your referrals quickly and close more jobs.

Customize Permission Levels

Control which users can issue payments, update referral statuses, communicate with referrals, and manage users.

Rewards-Based Relationships

Build Better Referral Relationships

No more tracking referral payments on spreadsheets or sticky notes. Always know the status of each referral, communicate with the referrer, and always know if they have been paid.

Quickly Issue Rewards

Securely send thank you payments using popular payment platforms like PayPal, Venmo, and Tremendous or pay by cash or check. Payment history will last forever so you'll always know how much you have paid your referral sources over time.