What are Associated Users?

Associated Users are recognized by the app as being a part of a group or association. It also includes the ability to connect people to one specific referral even if they aren't a part of the same team normally. This feature also gives you the flexibility to connect referrers or teams the way you want to. To keep these associations visibile, we display these connections on each individual's profile. If a referrer is assigned to someone as their associated user then you will be able to view this in their profile under 'Relationships'. This is different, however, from being the referrer having associated users assigned to you. This sort of association could make it possible for you to view their referrals as well. Associations such as these, are visible under 'Associated with'.

When you have several referrers from the same company, you can connect them and make it possible for managers to see their employee's referrals and receive a bonus payment for encouraging their employees to refer to you. You could even connect office personnel, with or without the ability to see the referrals (this is handled with permissions), and send them a bonus payment for their help in coordinating efforts to get the job done. It can be helpful to assign a role to the manager and other positions so you never have to ask the question, "What was the Field Manager's name again?" when sending bonus payments.

To assign a role, you must select the user and in the admin actions click 'Edit User'. Towards the bottom there will be a 'Role' field you can enter the info into. The specified role will be most useful when you view the list of associated users for an individual and when sending bonus payments.

For each referral, there will be a list of every associated user connected to that specific referral and the associated users corresponding roles. If you select the button 'Manage' on the top right, you can add more associated users for this specific referral. This can be helpful if there was another affiliation helping you get this referral and their business and you want to reward them for their loyalty.

Super Admins and Admins manage the association of users. Referrers cannot access those controls. When you want a manager to be able to view his other association's referrals, you select the manager and select 'Update Associated Users' in the Admin Actions. When you assign someone to the manager, automatically the checkbox allowing them to see past referrals will be checked. If this is something they do not want, then you must uncheck it. You must also update their permissions as a referrer to include the special permission we offer. Visit the Permissions feature page to learn more about how to change permissions.

Permissions To Use Associated Users

Super Admins

  • See all Associated Users

  • Update Associated Users

  • Change Role for any user

  • Allow others to see a certain referrer's referrals

  • Send Bonus Payments to the Associated Users in addition to the referrer


  • See everyone's Associated Users

  • Update Associated Users

  • Change Role for any user

  • Allow others to see a certain referrer's referrals


  • See who they are associated to

  • With Permissions On

  • See their associations referrals

  • How To Use Associated Users:

    Select a User to Associate

    You will want to select a referrer that is to be associated with other referrer's referrals.

    Update Associated Users

    In the Admin Actions, select 'Update Associated Users' to get started.

    Press 'Select a User...'

    To search and find the users, use the 'Select a User' button to pull up all users.

    Allow or Deny Previous Referrals

    Keep the box checked if you want this referrer to see his association's past referrals.

    Add Associated User

    You can add and/or remove as many associated users as you want even if a referrer is already associated with someone.