Learn About
Merging Users

Combine a user's profile to keep their referring history and bonus payments together and always visible!

What is Merging Users?

When your referrers don't use Referral Reactor yet, you or an admin adds their referrals manually. Once they download Referral Reactor, you have the ability to merge these users' referrals and bonus payment history with their personal profile. You can learn more about the different roles of users in the Registered Users Feature page.

When you merge users you keep:



the referral count given to you,


Associated Users

Associated Users assigned,


Bonus Payments

and total Bonus Payments given.

You can always find this info in their Referrers Profile.

How To Use Merging Users:

Select the Unregistered User

Find the Unregistered User you want to merge with a Registered User.

Select Merge with Registered User

In the Admin Actions, select the Merge with Registered User button.

Select a User

Press Select a User to begin your search.

Type in the Search Bar

When you find who you are looking for select the user.

Merge (user) with (user)

Complete the merge by selecting the button. It will give the info of who you are merging with who.