Send and receive messages about your referrals inside the app without worrying about if you have their number!

What can you do with Messages?

Our Messages Feature allows you to easily communicate with people who send you referrals. You can ask and answer questions about the referrals, remind them of referral promotions you are running, or just thank them for sending their referrals to you.

Have conversations about individual referrals

Sometimes you have a specific question about a referral and you need some clarification. With Referral Reactor you don't have to scroll through a mountain of text messages to find the right conversation, you can just send a message and have a conversation all within the context of a referral.

And because everything is tracked with the referral, your whole team can see all the communication and you'll never forget who sent you that referral or what you have told them!

On Referral Reactor there are three places to view messages in the app.

Find messages about a referral on the referral page.

See everyone's messages in the Messages tab under All Conversations.

Find your messages in the Messages tab under My Conversations.

You can always know if there are current conversations when you view referrals. A message icon will appear in the top right corner of the referral's name.

How To Use Messages:

Select the Referral

One way you can message, is through your referral's profile. This can be handy so you can discuss specifics, if necessary, about a referral.

Press View Conversation

In the Admin Actions, select View Conversation. If a conversation has not yet been started you can select Start A Conversation.

View Referral History

The conversation section in the referral's profile allows you to see the history of the referral, since he/she was referred.

Select Messages

You can select Messages to view all of your conversations with referrers. This includes conversations about certain referrals.

Show All Conversations

To see more than just the Referral conversations you've had, press Show All Conversations.

Mute Conversations

All conversations that are not yours will be muted. You will not recieve notifications of messages, but you can always view them.