Update Your
Referral Status

Keep your Referral's Status updated for the referrers to see.

What is your Referral Status?

Updating your Referral's Status notifies your referrer on the progress of the job.

Default Statuses

  • New
  • Cancelled
  • Got the Job!
  • Didn't get the job
  • Pending Assessment
  • Pending Homeowner
  • Pending Insurance

You can customize your statuses to fulfill your businesse's needs. It's simple! When you are in Reactor Configuration, go to Status Categories. Create a New Status and you are good to go!

It is important that you set the behavior of the status correctly. Each behavior describes what your status will do.

Accepted Referral Bonus


For example, when you update to the default status "Got the Job", your Accepted Referral Bonus rate will then apply. However, if the status was still set to "New" that rate would not apply.

You can view the current referral status in two places. You can find it in your messages, with the note you left. Or it will be located under the Admin Actions in the Status category.

How To Use Referral Status:

Select a Referral

Updating statuses is done in the referral's profile.

Press Update Status

In the Admin Actions, select Update Status.

Pick the New Status

You will see your current status at the top. Change the New Status to update the referral's status.

Update Status

If you want, you can add a note that the referrer can see. But it is not required.