Unregistered and Registered Users

Find out how every referral can be tracked in the app even if the referrer doesn't have a Referral Reactor account!

What are Unregistered and Registered Users?

Unregistered Users are just referrers who aren't using the Referral Reactor app to send you referrals yet. The great news is that you can track referrals you receive from anyone, even if they aren't using the app yet. Then, whenever they start using the app, you can associate all the referrals they have already sent you with their account. They will be blown away that you have been keeping track of everything for them!!

An Unregistered User is easy to spot because of the Unregistered tag placed under all Unregistered profiles.


When you get a referral from someone who is not using Referral Reactor yet, just create a profile for them as an Unregistered User. Then, you can add the referral and associate that referral with the new unregistered user you just created.

Select a User...

When your referrer decides to create their account on Referral Reactor, you can find their unregistered profile you created for them and merge it with their newly created registered profile. For more information, please refer to our Merging Users Feature page.

Merge with a Registered User

Let all of your referrers know that their account on Referral Reactor to refer to your business is FREE.

How To Use Unregistered and Registered Users:

Add A New Referral

To add a new referral for an unregistered user, you will want to select this button to start.

Select a User

Select a user to attache this referral to.

Fill out Information

Fill out your referrals information for future record.

Submit Referral

Submit your referral to confirm and upload it to your system.

Acknowledge your referral

You will have a notification pop up on your phone about the new referral. You are now able to acknowledge it as well.