The Smarter Way to Manage Your Home Service Business’s Referral Network

Keeping track of your home service business’s referrals doesn’t have to be stressful. With Referral Reactor’s powerful referral tracking software, you can see all of your referrals, track their progress, pay referrers, and build referral relationships, all in the same place. When you’re on-site, you can take your referral network with you using the Referral Reactor mobile app. Sign up for a plan today.

Word of Mouth is the Way of Life

Organized Referrals

You can leave behind relying on pen and paper or confusing spreadsheets to organize your referrals. Referral Reactor organizes referrals automatically.

Build Relationships

Relationships play a big role in maintaining a strong referral network. Referral Reactor helps you respond to referrals and pay referrers quicker.

On-the-Go Referral Management

In the home service industry, you spend a lot of your time at your customer’s homes. Our mobile app empowers you to track referrals on the go.


Referral Reactor will never try to trick you into a contract. You can pay a month at a time, giving you the freedom to decide what’s right for your business.


We’ve created a top-of-the-line referral tracking software that works for you.


After you sign up, you can send invitation codes to contractors, business owners, realtors, and anyone else in your referral network to send you referrals.


Harness the power of referral marketing by receiving referrals from all your affiliates and clients in the same place.


Talk to your referral partners and send them job progress updates in-app.


React to new referrals to let referrers know they have been received.


Easily reward payments to referring technicians, businesses, and property managers.


Stay on top of all your home service job referrals with our easy progress tracking features.

Referral Management Software for All Home Service Businesses

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Pain-Free Referral Management for Home Service Businesses

Referral management doesn’t have to feel overwhelming when you have the right tools. Referral Reactor makes referral tracking pain-free for home service companies nationwide. Whether you’re a carpet cleaner looking for a new way to organize your referrals or a carpenter interested in strengthening your referral network, our software gives you all the tools you need. Sign up today to explore how we can transform referral management for your home service business.

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Sign up for Referral Reactor.


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Receive referrals and track their progress.

Your Referral Partners Join for Free

All you have to do is sign up for Referral Reactor. Then you can share your invite code with business owners, clients, contractors, and anyone else who sends you referrals and all of their leads will come straight to you.