Instantly reward Referrers with Integrated Bonus Payments

Referral Reactor makes it easy to reward referrals! Keep track of all payments sent and bonuses earned right in the app and instantly know who your best referrers are at any time.

With digital payment integrations, you can send cash instantly using popular payment apps, making it easier than ever to grow your referral program. 

PayPal & Venmo Payments Integration

Fast, Safe & Secure Payments

Instantly send bonus payments to referrers using the Paypal or Venmo integration in Referral Reactor. It's fast, easy, and secure.

Popular Payment Platforms

Most people have a Paypal or Venmo account, and it's free to get started. Referrers can sign up to get paid in just minutes.

Tremendous Payment Integration

Free & Easy to Use

Tremendous makes it easy to reward referrals and it's 100% for most users.

Recipients Choose How to Redeem

Referrals can choose how to use their rewards including cashing out, redeeming for gift cards or prepaid cards, or even donating to charity.