Referral Marketing Software for the Real Estate Industry

The real estate industry relies on word-of-mouth referrals to boost business, but it can be challenging to keep on top of all your referrals. Your referral program is only as strong as the tools you use to harness it. Referral Reactor is referral-tracking software that helps you receive referrals, build relationships, and track referral progress, all in the same location. Sign up for Referral Reactor today to experience a new and better approach to referral marketing.

Word of Mouth is the Way of Life

Organized Referrals

Referral Reactor organizes your referrals automatically, making navigating referral management that much easier.

Build Relationships

Strong referral marketing requires strong relationships. Referral Reactor makes building relationships with your network easy.

On-the-Go Referral Management

You’re not tied to the office. Our mobile app allows you to receive referrals and check their status on the go while visiting properties.


Referral Reactor is contract-free. You get to decide when to start or stop using it.


We work to empower real estate companies through better referral marketing tools.


Invite realtors, property owners, and more to join your referral program on Referral Reactor and send you referrals.


Receive referrals about people trying to put their property on the market, purchasing a new home, and more from your referral network.


Chat with referral partners in the app about leads and properties.


React to referrals to confirm to referrers that you have received them.


Reward referrers with Referral Reactor’s customizable thank-you payment features.


Keep track of all your different referrals and update their progress status.

Referral Management Software for Real Estate Businesses

Receive Referrals From:

Simplify Real Estate Referral Networking

Referral Reactor takes the power of your entire referral network and puts it at your fingertips, ready for you to harness. Whether your real estate industry business is looking for potential borrowers, sellers, buyers, or any other type of client, Referral Reactor helps make referral marketing pain-free. Sign up to see how word of mouth combined with the right tools can make all the difference.

Get started


Sign up for Referral Reactor.


Pick the plan that works for you.


Get referrals & updates on their progress.

Invite Your Referral Partners to Send Referrals

Once your business is set up in Referral Reactor, all you have to do is invite your referral partners to join Referral Reactor, and then they can send you referrals for free. It’s that simple.