Bonus Payments

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What Are Bonus Payments?

You can keep track of and send your bonus payments to any referrer through the app!

A Bonus Payment is given to a referrer for their referral. With Referral Reactor, you can decide to pay a referrer right away for their referral or wait until you get the job. You might even do both! Your payment history will last forever. You and your referrer will always have the option to view total payments given over the years. Just imagine, your customers will NEVER be able to forget how much you have taken care of them.

Sending Bonus Payments

Super admins and certain admin users can always send a bonus payment for a referral. When you are sending a bonus payment you always have full control to send whatever bonus payment you think is best. However, it can be tricky to remember what bonus payment amount to pay for each referral. Referral Reactor has several ways to set default payment amounts. These default payment amounts will be suggested when you go to give a user a bonus payment. This makes it a lot easier to remember how much to pay for each referral.

Change bonus amount for when you send the bonus. Changing the amount here will not change default company-wide or individual amounts set.

Assessed Referral Bonus


Accepted Referral Bonus


Associated User Referral Bonus


Set default amounts company-wide or for individual users as explained below.

Set Default Payment Amounts

These are the default amounts that will be suggested any time you go to send a bonus payment. As always, you can change the amount when you go to send a payment, but if you often give the same bonus for a referral it can be nice to set those defaults here. These default amounts can be overridden for an individual referrer which we describe in the next section. Let’s get started!

Step 1

The first thing you will want to do is open your side nav to select ‘Reactor Configuration’.

Step 2

When the Reactor Configuration is open, you will notice at the top the different sections you can navigate to. Select ‘Reward Options’.

Step 3

At the bottom you will find three different amounts to set. Change them to what you need and you are good to go!

Types of Referral Bonuses

Each amount type will be used when different circumstances are true.

Assessed Referral Bonus

This bonus payment amount is suggested when the referral’s status has not been changed to a status that implies you got the job. This is great for when you offer a bonus payment for every legitimate referral even if you don’t get the job. Once you receive a referral and have verified it is legitimate you can send the referrer an Assessed Referral Bonus. More on changing status can be found on our Referral Status page.

Accepted Referral Bonus

Here is where the referral status becomes extra important. The referral status needed for this bonus amount to get used needs to say ‘Implies Success’. Once that happens, this amount will prefill as the payment amount.

Associated User Referral Bonus

If you have another user associated with the referrer and you want to pay them for their help in getting this referral, this is their prefilled payment amount. When you are ready to give the bonus payment. Their name will appear as an option to pay. If selected, this will be the amount that pulls up to send to them. Refer to the Associated Users feature page to set this up.

Change Default Amounts for Individual Referrers

When you change a referrer’s default payment amounts, the amounts that you set for that user will be suggested instead of the normal default payment amounts that are set. This way, if you have a unique agreement with a specific referrer you can keep track of those amounts within Referral Reactor.

Step 1

You must select the user for whom you want to change amounts. You can find the ‘All Users’ tab on the left for desktop, or on the bottom for mobile.

Step 2

When the user’s profile is pulled up, click the ‘Edit User’ button in the Admin Actions.

Step 3

At the bottom of this page you will see the same three amounts as explained above, of which, you can change. Make sure you ‘Save User Edits’!

Payment Methods

You can keep track of these payments using 4 different payment types:



There is an option for each user to have a ‘Preferred Payment Method’. In fact, this is found just above the payment amounts on each user profile that was explained just above. The referrer themselves can set it, or you can! This will autofill when it comes time to send the referrer their bonus.


How To Send Bonus Payments


To pay an individual for a specific referral, select the referral to get started.


In the Admin Actions, select Give Bonus to pull up the screen to confirm payments.


You can pay as many users as you want, but you have to do it one at a time.


Depending on the status you can change the amount here.


You have 4 options on how you would like to give a bonus. If you need to update your PayPal or Venmo account info please refer to our FAQs page for more info.

Learn about how to configure Referral Reactor to send Instant Bonus Payments through PayPal or Venmo.