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Welcome To Referral Reactor!

Using this tutorial you can get your Reactor up and running smoothly! Let’s start with what is a Reactor.


A network where you can instantly react to your referrals and referring users.

How Do You Add Users?


Open up your invitation codes tab.


Click the button ‘Create New Invitation Code’.


Type in the name of your invitation code. Set the ‘Remaining Uses’ and ‘Save’.

Now if you click the invitation code you can view the code itself, a link to invite people, and a QR code for the invitation. The link and QR code will take people to the signup page so they can create their personal account and be apart of your Reactor.

Acknowledge Referrals

When you receive referrals, the first thing you will need to do is acknowledge the referral. When the referral comes in it will be highlighted yellow. Once you acknowledge the referral it will send a push notification to your referrer letting them know you have received the referral.


Click on the referral to open up the referral profile.


In the Admin Actions you will find the ‘Acknowledge Referral’ button.

Now as you reach out to your referral you can update the status. So, if you schedule an appointment with them, you can update the status to something like ‘Pending Appointment’.

To update the status of a referral you will need to click on the referral to open up the referral profile. The statuses are completely customizable, but we have some pre-made for you to use. To learn how to change the list of statuses, please refer to our Referral Status feature page.

Update Status


In the Admin Actions, select ‘Update Status’.


This will open up a modal where you can choose the new status.


There will be a list of statuses. Choose the appropriate one.


Select the ‘Update Status’ button.

Send A Bonus Payment

You can send a bonus payment for a referral as soon as you receive it. You can set default payment amounts for your account. To do this and to understand how they get applied, please refer to our Bonus Payments feature page.

To send a bonus payment, open up the referral profile by selecting the referral. In the Admin Actions, select ‘Give Bonus Payment’. This will open up a modal for you to select the users attached to the referral that you want to send a payment too. You can learn how to attach more users to a referral on our Associated Users feature page. You can send a payment to one person at a time.


Open the referral profile in the referrals list.


In the Admin Actions, select ‘Give Bonus’.

Once you have selected the user, follow the prompts on to send the payment. Remember, you are always able to edit the amount even if your pre-filled one is showing.

In the Admin Actions, select ‘Mark as Done’.

Mark As Done

When you have finished with the Referral you will be able to mark it done. This also takes place in the ‘Admin Actions’. Just select the button ‘Mark as Done’. If that button is not appearing for you then it means you need to update the referral to a status that allows it to be marked done. This is explained on our FAQ page.

If you have any questions we would be happy to answer them!

Call us at (440) 596-5981 or toll free (855) 341-1759

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