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Manage Your Permissions

You have the ability as Super Admin to give everyone proper permissions within the app.

With the permission levels we have created, you can control who sees what. If you don’t want an employee to see and send bonus payments, just change the permission level! Or, if you want to add an employee and you give them a referrer invitation code, just upgrade their permissions! In fact, there are 4 different permission levels of access. They are Super Admin, Admin, Referrer, and No Access.

What Permissions Are Available?

See and create messages

See bonus payments (*Admins)

See associated users referrals (*Referrers)

See all reports (*Admins)

Update reactor configuration

See reactor users

Adjust permissions

* = A special permission must be turned on for this to be possible for its respective permission.

How To Change Permissions


Choose the user you would like to change permissions for.


Once you are on the user profile, select Change Permissions in the Admin Actions.


Decide on your permission level for this user. Then select Save User Permissions.

Permission Tags

Each permission level will have it’s own tag to reference a user’s permissions. Referrers will have no tag until their special permission is turned on.

How to give an Admin Access To Bonus Payments

Until their special permission is applied, there are a few things admins cannot do. They can’t see and send bonus payments or the report for it. To change this, refer to the section below to change permissions and then select the special permission setting.

How To Let Referrers See Their Associated User's Referrals

When the special permission for referrers is turned on, referrers can see the referrals from their associated users. That means the referrer whose special permission is turned on should be a team supervisor. Refer to the Associated Users page for more instruction.

No Access

No Access permission level gives you the ability to block users but NOT all of the referrals or messages they have sent. It also makes it possible for this user to start right back where they were if you ever change their permissions back to normal.