Table of Contents

Create Your Account

If your Reactor, which is the company you work for, has not yet made an account then you will want to refer to our Set Up Reactor page. The process shown here is for any employee who will be apart of the Reactor.


Press the Sign up button to get the process started!


Once you are on the user profile, select Change Permissions in the Admin Actions.


Decide on your permission level for this user. Then select Save User Permissions.

Now that you have Referral Reactor, we want to show you all that you can do with it. Let’s start with onboarding a team of referrers.


There are two different types of users:

Unregistered users are those who are not on Referral Reactor yet.

Registered Users are those who are on Referral Reactor.

Send an Unregistered User an invitation code so they can start sending you referrals. While you have access to create these invitation codes to onboard referrers, you must contact us by email or phone for invitation codes to onboard new employees of your business. However, if an employee uses an invitation code that gives them the role of referrer, a super admin has the ability to promote them as an admin.

Once the user uses the invitation code, you as the admin can merge their new registered account with the one you created, the unregistered account. View our Merge Users support page for more info and instructions.


  1. Select “Invitation Codes” in your side bar.
  2. Press “Create a New Invitation Code” and fill out what you want the code to be (ex. PlumberCompany). Be sure to set a number of maximum uses.
  3. View the role for all who input that code.
  4. See how many uses each code has left.

Connect Users

When you have a whole company referring to you, you can connect the supervisors with their emplyees using our Associated Users feature. This provides the opportunity for you to not only pay the referrer, but also the supervisor of that referrer. Of course, our Associated Users feature can be used in other ways as well to fit your business needs.

Manage Status Of Referrals

Keep your team of referrers in the loop. Once you acknowledge a referral you can change the status. Refer to our Referral Status feature page for more help.



Got the Job!

Didn't get the job

Pending Assessment

Pending Homeowner

Pending Insurance

Send Bonus Payments

Super Admins and Admins with a special permission have the ability to manage bonus payments. You control the amount and who gets how much.

When your referral status shows that the job is sold, the accepted referral bonus will apply. As the Associated Users feature is applied, the ability to pay supervisors or other referrers for one referral can be accessed as well.

Communicate With Referrers

As this system would be difficult without communication, we have provided a direct way to message referrers about specific referrals or just in general. This ability can be found under the Messages tab.

Change Permissions

Super admins have the ability to change permission levels for ALL users in the Reactor, including referrers. In fact, for referrers and admins, there are special permissions that will allow them to do what normal admins and referrers can’t do. For an explanation of permissions and how to change them, refer to our Permissions feature page.