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How Do Referrals Work?

The very first thing you should do with a referral when it comes in is to acknowledge it. This is very simple to do. You will know when a referral has not been acknowledged because it will be yellow.


Acknowledge Referral

Acknowledging the referral will send a message to the referrer instantly, letting them know their referral was received!


Update Status

You can continue to let the referrer know how the job with their referral is progressing.

It’s simple! Update the Status. This will immediately send a message to the referrer. Learn how to do this on our Referral Status page.


Start A Conversation

Need to send a message to the referrer? It’s quick! Just select the ‘Start a Conversation’ button! For more information on messaging, refer to our Messages page.


Move To A Different User

Have a customer who is not using Referral Reactor yet? Solve that problem by creating a user entry for them and assign them referrals! You can refer to our Unregistered and Registered Users page for more help. If you selected the wrong user you can move your referral to a different user.


Give Bonus

Ready to pay your referrer? It’s quick and easy with Referral Reactor! Select the ‘Give Bonus’ button to get the process started. Our Bonus Payments page can give you more information on that.

Referrer Information

The referrer can input as much information and photos as needed! All of this is visible on the referral’s profile.