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What Can Referrers Do?

You can easily send referrals, track the progress of your referrals, and receive thank-you payments instantly from the Reactor (company). For a referrer to sign up is completely free. As a referrer, you will see three main tabs in Referral Reactor. Let’s explore each of them!

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Create An Account


Choose the user you would like to change permissions for.


Once you are on the user profile, select Change Permissions in the Admin Actions.


Decide on your permission level for this user. Then select Save User Permissions.

View Referrals

For each Reactor you’re a part of, the Referrals tab will show you 3 things:

  • number of referrals you have sent,
  • the total bonus payments the Reactor has paid you,
  • the status of your referrals in the Reactor.

Bonus Payments

The Bonus Payments tab will show you all of the payments you have received. It gives you the details of how much and for which referral.


Because communication is important when working with people, the Messages tab keeps track of all of your conversations with Reactor administrators. This includes those conversations that take place about a specific referral. With this tab, you never have to scroll through a mountain of text to find that one conversation about that one referral.

Create a Referral

When creating a referral, go to the referrals tab, then select ‘Send a Referral’. Fill out the important details about your referral, and then submit it. You’ll know the Reactor got it when the ‘Thank You’ screen appears!

Add A Reactor

If you want to join another Reactor, select the ‘Add A Reactor’ button on the bottom left corner (on the web) or in the drawer on the upper right. Input the invitation code the Reactor gave you, and you’ll be able to start sending referrals and making money! To switch reactors, press the logo at the top of your screen.