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Setup has never been easier!

What is Tremendous?

Tremendous seamlessly manages payouts initiated via Referral Reactor, allowing you to effortlessly reward your referring partners!

Tremendous expands your payout choices beyond PayPal and Venmo! With Tremendous, you can provide your customers with a diverse range of options, including gift cards from popular brands like Amazon or Apple, pre-paid Visa cards, ACH transactions, as well as traditional PayPal and Venmo payments.

What does it cost to use Tremendous?

Creating an account on Tremendous is completely free, and sending payments from Referral Reactor using Tremendous is also free of charge! The only instance where additional fees come into play is if you opt to enable ACH or PayPal transactions. If these options are not included in the campaign template, there are no extra fees. However, if ACH and PayPal are activated in the campaign template, a 4% fee applies to each redeemed reward. It’s important to note that this fee is charged by and paid to Tremendous, not Referral Reactor. The recipient incurs no charges.

Why choose Tremendous?

We provide a seamless integration with both PayPal/Venmo and Tremendous. Opting for Tremendous brings several advantages, including a simpler setup process and a broader array of options for your recipients to redeem their rewards. With Tremendous, your recipients are directed to a personalized website featuring your logo throughout the reward redemption process, ensuring continuous visibility for your company. While it’s important to note that choosing ACH or PayPal incurs a 4% handling fee, the wealth of options and benefits offered by Tremendous makes it a compelling choice. The handling fee is a small consideration compared to the numerous advantages Tremendous brings to the table!

Let's Get Started!


How to Set Up Tremendous

Create a Tremendous Account

Go to Tremendous and sign up for FREE!

Fund your Tremendous Account

Under ‘Billing’ you can view your ‘Balance’. When you open that tab, just click ‘Add Funds’ and Tremendous can explain the rest!

Create Campaign Templates

On Tremendous, open up the ‘Campaign Templates’ tab. You will see the option to create a new template on this screen.

Connect Tremendous to Referral Reactor

In Referral Reactor, open the side nav (three, horizontal, white lines in the top right corner) and select the ‘Reactor Configuration’ tab. On the new page you will notice beneath the title at the top, a couple different options you can click. Open ‘Reward Options’. Under Payment Methods you will notice ‘Tremendous’. Open the dropdown and select ‘Setup Tremendous’. All you will have to do is follow the prompts on the screen and you are good to go!

Have Questions?

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