Set Up Your Reactor

Prepare your business for an explosion in referrals as you set up your reactor and your referrers.

Sign up your account

As the owner, when you create your account you will be given the option to create your business account so you can start receiving referrals. The whole sign up process is explained below.

Click 'Sign Up for a New Account'
Fill out the form
Click 'Sign up your business'

Fill out your business info
Choose a plan
Fill out Payment credentials
Begin the tutorial
Create your first invitation code
Assign a name and amount of uses
Continue the setup

Setup your PayPal/Venmo business account

Once your PayPal account is connected to Referral Reactor, sending bonus payments is a breeze! When you connect your account, you have to transfer money from your bank account to your PayPal account. This could take a couple days. After it transfers you are good to go! You will love it, and your referring users will LOVE it!

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